1st Ukrainian Forum of IT-students’ Fnnovation and Final of Contest “IT-Eureka! Ukraine”

March 20 in Odessa the team of Odessa National Polytechnic University was organized the 1st Ukrainian Forum of IT-students’ Innovation and final of “IT Eureka! Ukraine” in the framework of the Tempus project «National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship» (NEFESIE). More than 120 students, teachers and representatives of Ukrainian innovative start-ups and IT enterprise took part in the Forum.
Founders of successful Ukrainian start-ups Peter Bondarevskiy, Roman Zinchenko, Max Ischenko, Kirill Solyar, Dmitry Spodarets and Andreas Flodstrom (Sweden) as well as representatives of IT companies Eugene Yakovlev (Sigma Software, Odessa), Natalie Maksimenko and Tatyana Mushroom (Luxoft, Kyiv, Odessa) spoke with representatives of universities. Students and teachers gladly took the opportunity to set up links with IT entrepreneurs. IT business representatives expressed interest to the university as a centre of innovation of youth who produce creative projects.

The final of contest “IT-Eureka! Ukraine” took place simultaneously with the Forum. Its awarding ceremony finished the Forum. Team from Vinnytsia National Technical University with project SmartWardrobe won in the nomination “Best innovation idea”, team from Odessa National Polytechnic University with project MeViCS Oin won in the nomination “Best innovation solution”.
The main objective of project NEFESIE is the stimulation of synergy between educational programs in IT field, research projects and business innovation.

The general manager of the project: Dr. Arianna Curti, Assistant Professor Linnaeus University, e-mail: arianit.kurti @ lnu.se, telephone +46 (0) 470-70 83 75.
Project Coordinator in Ukraine: Ph.D. Tatiana Shatovska, associate professor of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, e-mail: shatovska @ gmail.com, phone +38 (057) 702 1646.
Tempus is a program of the European Union, which supports the modernization of higher education in the partner countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean mainly through university cooperation projects.