You are invited to discover relevant database in different formats for the interproject cooperation, synergy and to avoid duplication or overlapping (materials include possibilities to filter according to different categories).

DATABASE OF ALL ERASMUS+ PROJECTS and their results is available at the EACEA Projects Results Platform.


INFORMATION ON THE SITUATION IN UKRAINE DURING THE WAR: challenges, needs, useful resources and opportunities for cooperation and calls (information is constantly updated – in English)

Ukraine during war, Eng. language

Participation of Ukrainian Organisations in Erasmus+ 2021-2023 – updated in December 2023.

DETAILS ABOUT UKRAINE’S PARTICIPATION IN THE EU ERASMUS+ PROGRAM: KAs opportunities (2014-2020), description, statistics, examples of projects with hyperlinks, etc. – duration of projects 2014-2024 (in English and Ukrainian)

Участь України в конкурсах Програми ЄС Еразмус+ (2014-2020 рр.)/ Ukraine in the EU-funded Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020) – December 1, 2021


DABASE OF UKRAINE PROJECTS WITHIN EUS ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME FOR 2021-2027. with the HEIs of Ukraine – Jean Monnet, Cooperation Partnerships, CBHE, CBVET, Youth Mobility, as well as a list of universities from Ukraine – project recipients. The file is in XL format with the possibility of searching by various categories and directions, in English and Ukrainian languages, the file is constantly updated (performer S. Shytikova) – updating.