Cluster Facebook-webinar “Recommendations for ICM project teams: First Steps and its Successful Implementation” (16.04.2020, on-line)

IVOn 16 April 2020, the NEO-Ukraine team organised Cluster Facebook-webinar “Recommendations for ICM project teams: First Steps and its Successful Implementation (for winners – 2020)” to provide an advice and guidance to Erasmus+ ICM project teams (winners – 2020).

More than 1500 representatives of Ukrainian universities’ IROs, Erasmus+ coordinators and representatives of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) project teams joined the online.

During the Facebook webinar, Ivanna ATAMANCHUK highlighted the key components of the successful project implementation: importance of communications, thorough preparation of Erasmus+ mobility contractual documents, transparency and openness of International Relations Offices and Erasmus+ coordinators, coordinated and comprehensive process of mobility results recognition, dissemination of ICM results and impact, as well as profound reporting.

The main key steps in the Erasmus+ mobility projects implementation are: obtaining information on selected projects, creating (improving) the legal framework for the implementation of academic mobility in Ukrainian HEIs, signing of the Erasmus+ ICM contractual documents – an Inter-Institutional Agreement, wide dissemination of the Erasmus+ ICM opportunities, selection criteria and procedure, communication for signing of a Learning Agreement for Study (and Traineeship), Mobility Agreement for Teaching and/for Training, logistical support provided for mobility participants (preparation to departure, staying at a city of a hosting university, return to a home university), crucial importance of Erasmus+ mobility results recognition by home HEIs.

During the presentation, the speaker presented the useful resources and documents related to the implementation of Erasmus+ ICM mobility projects.



Useful materials: download

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We are thankful to everyone who joined the webinar!

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