Conference «Higher Education for refugees: A necessity, not a luxury!» від Nuffic, DAAD, Campus France та SPARK (28.04.2022, онлайн)

On 28 April 2022 the conference “Higher Education for refugees: A necessity, not a luxury!” from Nuffic, DAAD, Campus France and SPARK was held.
NEO-Ukraine coordinator Svitlana SHYTIKOVA joined the event for beneficiaries of higher and vocational education programs. Stakeholders, including representatives of the EU, representatives of governments/universities of the Middle East, representatives of EU member states and international organizations joined the discussions.
The key messages from beneficiaries and outlines possible next steps for higher education support programs during the Syrian crisis were discussed.
A useful resource for HEIs and other Ukrainian organizations in wartime to share lessons on refugee support and training.

Попередня Presentation for universities from Finland (28.04.2022, online)