Erasmus Without Paper shows smoother data exchanges but work needed to improve digital processes

Report by the EWP+ consortium shows that EWP data exchanges are functioning better than they were a year ago, with almost all known technical hurdles overcome. However, some users still encounter some problems.

A newly published report, one year after the initial EWP assessment, evaluates the current status of EWP data exchanges.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the higher education community, we can see a steady growth in the numbers of inter-institutional agreements and learning agreements completed via EWP.

All data sources informing the report affirm that EWP data exchanges are functioning better than they were a year ago. Almost all known technical hurdles to interoperability have been overcome, but as described in the report some users may still encounter technical problems.

Concluding a digital inter-institutional agreement via EWP is not a straightforward process even when the data exchanges work as intended. This is work in progress and will be addressed in the next Erasmus+ programme to prevent disruptions to the current programme. This means revising the digital inter-institutional agreements workflow so that users get the benefits of concluding agreements digitally and to make EWP more user-friendly.

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