Fresh from the press: 500 000 new textbooks will support Ukrainian learners

The books for fifth grade learners had been developed under the new Ukrainian curriculum, but due to Russia’s war of aggression they never reached the young pupils.

Half a million textbooks are making their way to Ukrainian pupils, complete with information about the Erasmus+ programme.

In an effort to help Ukrainian pupils continue their education despite the on-going war of aggression, the European Commission took on a very particular challenge: how to provide textbooks for fifth grade learners on the subject of the Ukrainian language.

These books are now ready, and they include an important addition. An accompanying insert will provide pupils, their teachers and parents with information about the Erasmus+ programme and the opportunities it offers.

The Erasmus+ information accompanying the schoolbooks can serve as an educational and inspirational resource for years, as the books get passed on to new generations of learners.

Moreover, once the war is over and learners can return home after being displaced, the books will continue nurturing an educated young Ukrainian generation, proud of its heritage and more familiar with Erasmus+ and the European Union.

This project was made possible with Erasmus+ programme funding and through the work of the Publications Office of the European Union.

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