Materials of the webinar “Jean Monet Projects: mandatory steps for signing a grant agreement” (12.08.2022)

On 12 August, 2022, the National Erasmus+ Office – Ukraine (EU funded Project), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, held a webinar “Jean Monnet Projects: Mandatory Steps for Signing a Grant Agreement.”

The webinar was attended by more than 160 representatives of 93 winning project teams of Erasmus+: Jean Monnet 2022, as well as Erasmus+ coordinators and employees of international cooperation departments.

During the event, the peculiarities of working on the Funding & Tenders Portal for the validation of the organization and LEAR, the important steps of signing declarations and grant agreements, as well as the technical details of working with grant agreements in the profile of the project coordinator were covered.

“FTOP: the first steps on the portal for the winning teams of 2022 projects”, Kateryna ZHDANOVA – via the link.

“Jean Monnet projects: the first steps of the HEI after the EACEA decision to approve the application”, Petro KRAINIK – via link.

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