New monitoring framework of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

The European Commission has recently published the new Monitoring Guide of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027, the quality framework for participation in Erasmus+ mobilities and cooperation projects for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The guide contains a full monitoring package, including the evaluation grids and guiding questions for monitoring visits. In this document, ESN shares some reflections on the importance of the new guide and its priority areas.

“NEW MONITORING FRAMEWORK OF THE ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION: An opportunity to boost institutional transformation through student mobility”

The monitoring guide was created with the support of a working group coordinated by the European Commission, NAs, experts, and representatives from stakeholder organisations, including the Erasmus Student Network and the European Students’ Union. ESN would like to thank the European Commission and NAs for coordinating this co-creation process, and especially for the involvement of students and the quality of the discussions. ESN hopes that this successful process can be followed for collaborations with student organisations involved in student mobility at the national level, and stands ready to facilitate them.

ESN is committed to supporting the implementation and monitoring of the ECHE through its activities, research and policy work. In 2020, ESN published a document explaining how local student associations can play an important role in implementing ECHE commitments. Through the ESNsurvey, ESN will also analyse how students perceive the implementation of ECHE commitments throughout the current Erasmus+ programming period. The next ESNsurvey will be launched in late May 2023, and it will target specifically many of the pressure points of the new ECHE.

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