Participation in EPALE – Reskilling & Upskilling: Fostering Intergenerational cooperation (17.11.2022, online)

On 17 November 2022 NEO – Ukraine joined the online EPALE discussion about “Reskilling & Upskilling: Fostering Intergenerational cooperation.”  The discussion was introduced by a live stream moderated by Panagiotis Chatzimichail (Project Officer at UNICA Network) with invited experts María Rodríguez Alcázar (Board Member of the European Youth Forum) and Rareș Voicu (Board Member of OBESSU) sharing their perspectives, experiences and recommendations.

The goal of the online discussion was to share and identify together what are:

  • the reasons we need to move towards reskilling and upskilling across the different sectors or age groups
  • how can different educational sectors and age groups support this process.

Svitlana SHYTIKOVA, NEO – Ukraine Coordinator, joined the discussion and shared information about current situation in Ukraine and the features of participation in the EUs Erasmus+ Programme during the martial law in Ukraine. The speaker focused on the current state of education and educational institutions, challenges and ways to overcome them through cooperation with European partners.

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