Participation within the UaReNet Ukrainian Recognition Network (02.03.20, Kyiv)

wrteyr6i7f6oijthrgefdOn 2 March, 2020 the the UaReNet (the Ukrainian Network for the Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualifications) organised Ukrainian Recognition NetworkThe conference was attended by the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and ENIC Ukraine, foreign dignitaries on behalf of the European Commission, EACEA, EQAR, ESU, the Ministries of Education of the EHEA countries, and the headliners of the international ENIC-NARIC Networks.

The conference agenda, besides the UaReNet and the Memorandum presentation, speeches of the participants and guests of honour, interactive communication on recognition issued with the leading experts in the field, envisaged joining the newly-established network by participating HEIs. 

The UaReNet membership would help HEIs to set up or develop the existing foreign qualifications recognition practice in compliance with the current Ukrainian and international legislation and the best practices, keep track on the latest developments and innovations in the sphere of recognition, constantly upgrade and improve, taking part in the activities and the projects of the network with the support and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, ENIC Ukraine and international recognition community in order to foster the fair and transparent practice of foreign qualifications recognition in Ukraine.

The accession to the UaReNet is open, voluntary and free of charge..

Make your first step to be the UaReNet:

1. Read the Invitation-letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

2. Read the Memorandum for establishment and development of the network

3. Read the Protocol of Accession

4. Read UaReNet Inaugural Conference Programme

5. Congratulations from Luca Lantero, the Head of ENIC-NARIC of Italy (CIMEA)

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