Updated: Covid-19 coronavirus prevention measures (to att.: Erasmus+ projects teams and mobility staff and students)

Dr Charkawi offers preventive medicineDear Erasmus+ project teams!

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the restrictive measures to combat the Covid-19 coronavirus threat to prevent the disease from spreading. The Cabinet of Ministers proposed introducing restrictions on holding mass events, which doesn’t apply to events of the state importance. The measures also include quarantine for all educational institutions since 12 March 2020 (according to the Cabinet of Ministers’ Resolution as of 11 March 2020, updated on 25 March). Quarantine shall be introduced in all educational institutions regardless of their ownership and management type: pre-school, secondary, extra-curricular, VET, professional higher, higher, postgraduate education. The quarantine started from March 12, 2020. The quarantine duration may be changed depending on the epidemiological situation in Ukraine. During the quarantine, pupils and students are prohibited to attend educational institutions and any other public places. All should stay at homes and work/study on distance.

Please consult  about all situation in Ukraine and protection measures introduced in Ukraine at the link here.

All info about COVID-19 in Ukraine: official portal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (here), Ministry of Health of Ukraine (here) and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (here).

In addition, majority of the higher education institutions have issued their own orders for prevention and protection measures. We highly recommend the project partners to inform/update constantly each other about the situation and discuss its infuence towards the projects events implementation. You could consider the possibilities to perform events where reasonable in the videoconference/viber/skype formats or using other IT tools. The coordinators should request the approval from EACEA project officer about the consideration of the situation as a force major circumstances and to cover, where necessary, the cancellation fees for the travel and cost of stay (where relevant).

To those who are already on mobility, please do not forget to discuss and decide/agree if you prefer to come back or have possibility to stay at quarantine at hosting university and what are the sequences. Request the home and host universities to agree on the decision to apply the safest solution. Please communicate about the situation to host and home universities. 

If you decide to return to Ukraine, please contact immediately the Embassy of Ukraine in your country: contacts  in English language here ( for Ukrainian, please choose for contacts here). The details in Ukrainian language are available at the link here. For English, click here.

For foreign students under Erasmus+ in Ukraine, please contact your country European Students Association team at the link here.

More info for foreigners coming to Ukraine is at the link here.

Useful webinar recording at the link here.

All Ukrainian partners are highly recommended to inform the university management about the planned events/mobilities hosting by your universities and discuss the possibility to host the event or cancel/ postpone to a later time. The possibility to cover cancelation expenses and the necessary documents should be discussed too in cooperation with the accounting departments. Other guides and recommendations are provided on Coronavirus – exceptional measures with regard to Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects (link here).

Should you need any help from NEO team Ukraine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish all to be healthy and take care!

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