Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Information Systems

The main aim of the project is to improve Master Programme in Information Systems (MPIS) according to the needs of the modern society; to bring the universities closer to changes in global labour market and world education sphere; to enable them to stay responsive to employers’ needs; to give students an idea of various job profiles in the IS domain; to ensure employability throughout graduates’ professional and soft skills. Specific objectives of the project include improvement of Master Programme in IS according to the requirements of business; modernization of the current Degree Profile (DP) & curricula in IS. Degree Profile and Curricula revision will be implemented in accordance with the newest standards of Higher education and the compatibility with the National qualification frameworks; development of innovative academic environment for MPIS as a platform for training/retraining, PhD, LLL; provision/modernization of labs infrastructure for IS. MASTIS will enable the PC & EU Universities to modernize IS education based on the student-oriented principals, strong university-enterprise cooperation and modern approaches to the education. It will give the PC Universities an opportunity to prepare competitive specialists for Ukrainian, Montenegrin and global labour market. The following results of the project are considered major: MPIS Degree Profile & curriculum;  teaching materials for MPIS; Degree Profile & curricula revision mechanism; joint Double Diploma Master programme; IT environment in PC HEIs; web portal for stakeholders; network of EU-PC universities & employers. In both partner countries and at the european level the impact of the project will take the form of university-enterprise networking. Both HEIs in general and business representatives will benefit from it because in global sense it will affect the development of national IT industry due to saturation of the labour market with quality IT professionals.

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