1st European Learning & Teaching Forum (28-29.09.17, Paris, France)

Title: 1st European Learning & Teaching Forum
Date: 28-29 September, 2017
Location: University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris, France
Participants: institutional leadership and managers with responsibility for learning and teaching, directors of learning centres and learning labs, and academic staff and researchers, policy-makers and other interested stakeholders.

Participants from Ukraine:
1. Svitlana Kalashnikova, Director, Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, HERE.

Programme and material: http://www.eua.be/activities-services/events/event/2017/09/28/default-calendar/european-learning-teaching-forum

Description and key information
The European Learning & Teaching Forum is EUA’s new event that aims to provide an opportunity for institutional representatives to meet and discuss developments in learning and teaching at European universities. Forum is held in plenary sessions and thematic groups. The topics covered will span from good practice in teaching enhancement and institutional strategies through to national and European policies.

The program of this year’s Forum included in-session discussions on the following subjects:
1. Rethinking the status of teaching and research.
2. Embedding generic skills in the curriculum.
3. Strategic anchoring of learning and teaching development.
4. European principles for the enhancement of learning and teaching – strengthening institutional approaches.
5. Curricular and strategic perspectives on research-based learning.
6. Enhancing access and transition: principles for good practice.
7. Building an institutional teaching community.
8. Recognising civic engagement and the development of transversal skills outside the formal curriculum.
9. Developing the next generation: Student perspectives on research-based learning.
10. Supporting diversity in the classroom: staff development and student learning.
11. Recognising, fostering and celebrating teaching enhancement.
12. National approaches to developing learning & teaching.

At the forum were presented and discussed European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (http://www.eua.be/Libraries/default-document-library/web_effect-principles-one-pager16102017.pdf?sfvrsn=2) and results of research Trends 2015: Learning and Teaching in European Universities (http://www.eua.be/Libraries/higher-education/trends-2015.pdf?sfvrsn=0).

According to the results of the above research, current process of development of teaching and teaching at universities is characterized by the following trends:

• Internationalization of learning: the mobility of students and staff; international cooperation; international students; international research cooperation; Teaching English; international staff)
• E-learning (computer classes; Wi-Fi; on-line library; on-line courses; student portal; social media for communication; personalized training portal; depositories; e-portfolio; on-line exams and tests; MOOCs; tablet computing; games; gamification; learning analytics; 3D printing and wearable technologies).
• Changing the teaching concept (learning outcomes and NQF, balancing teaching and research, attracting external stakeholders, requirements for teaching staff)
• Improvement of the learning environment (development of libraries and educational resource centers, scientific and computer laboratories, adaptation of the classroom to diversify approaches to teaching, areas for interactive interaction and team work)
• Development and implementation of institutional policies and strategies.

Presentations of Forum Speakers are available at the link: http://www.eua.be/activities-services/events/event/2017/09/28/default-calendar/european-learning-teaching-forum?tab=presentations. The Second European Learning & Teaching Forum is scheduled on the beginning of 2019.

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