1st Virtual International Conference on Sustainable Education SEVIC 2020 (11-13.12.2020)

On 11-13 December 2020 the 1st Virtual International Conference on Sustainable Education SEVIC 2020 took place.

156 participants from 14 countries joined the event.

The Conference was aimed to raising global and national awareness on sustainable development challenges and the crucial role of education as a key enabler of the successful achievement of all the SDGs, raising awareness of the existing European and global frameworks that are relevant for sustainable education, bringing the problems of the Ukrainian system of education on the agenda of the EU- and national stakeholders in the sustainable education field, and bringing together diversity of experiences from across the globe towards education for change and bringing in the element of quality improvement in education.

The virtual Cisco-WebEx-based format of the Conference included interactive plenaries for debate and dialogue and concurrent sessions for the in-depth discussion of the burning problems of the home-based family education, primary education, secondary education, higher education, and lifelong learning. It is also planned to conduct three webinars addressing Media Literacy, Academic Integrity, and the role of ICT in ensuring sustainable education. The Conference working language is English.

HERE team member Iryna SIKORSKA joined the event with the presentation “Bridging internationalization goals to the social transformation: the case of Ukraine”.

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