41 Ukrainians will study at Joint Master Degree Courses at the Universities in Europe with the support of EU’s Erasmus+ Programme

The Call for Erasmus+ Learning Degree Mobility in 2018 has been completed and award decision on granting scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Courses has been taken. 1640 Erasmus Mundus students from all over the world are selected for funding and 41 out of them will come from Ukraine representing Kyiv, L’viv, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv and Odesa. Another 128 students from Ukraine are on the reserve list of candidates to studying in Europe.
Totally, 402 applications were submitted from Ukraine among 24 085 participants competing with other 180 countries participated in the calls. 806 candidates from other Eastern Partnership countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova) applied with 50 successful ones.

The students from Ukraine are to study Erasmus Mundus Joint Degrees in prestigious universities of the UK, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Estonia and Germany. Following the rules of Erasmus+, master students will study at minimum two European universities. In addition to their main curricula, students will be enrolled in language courses, learn about the countries of their stay, discover and enjoy their culture.
This year, Ukrainian students were interested in the following fields of study: European Politics and Society; Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance; Global Markets, Local Creativities; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; European Literary Cultures.
200 Ukrainian students have been already studying at Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes since 2014, including 187 Master and 13 PhD students. They are considered to become ‘soft diplomats’ as brain circulation to promote and support Ukraine in Europe and lately will contribute for Ukraine’s development.
For information: ERASMUS+ – is the European Union Programme for 2014-2020 to support international cooperation projects, partnerships, events and mobility in education, training, youth and sport and promoting European Studies.
Learn more about opportunities for scholarships at: http://erasmusplus.org.ua/erasmus/ka1-navchalna-mobilnist/granti-dlya-studentiv-vipusknikiv-vikladachiv-ta-inshikh-pratsivnikiv/stupeneva-mobilnist.html

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