All-Ukrainian Conference “Monitoring and evaluation practice in Ukraine” (31.03.2018, Kyiv)

31.03On March 31, 2018 in cooperation with monitoring experts the Ukrainian Evaluation Association organized the All-Ukrainian Conference “Practice of Monitoring and Evaluation in Ukraine”.

The goal of the event was to unite the monitoring and evaluation specialists and other interested in the assessment of the projects. NEO-Ukraine representative raised the awareness of the opportunities and capacity of 116 representatives of various organizations of Ukraine. The speaker provided presentation on good practice and common experience in effective monitoring and provided key recommendations how to avoid mistakes from the first steps of project implementation. To cover the newcomers, the speaker had a general presentation of

Erasmus+ Programme on personal and organizational opportunities to raise the involvement of non-experienced representatives from different regions of Ukraine. Useful materials about the Erasmus+ and promo materials were disseminated. Improved knowledge of the Erasmus+ for beneficiaries (organisations and individuals).

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Попередня Information Day of the Erasmus+ Programme (29.03.2018, Poltava)