Attention of the Coordinators of the CBHE projects that end activities in October 2020.

Dear CBHE Projects Coordinators, hope you stay safe and healthy!

We would like to pay your attention to the following: if your project is ending in October 2020 and you have discussed with your project team the necessity to request the continuation of the project, caused by the COVID-19, please prepare the official letter request with justification and updated Work Plan. It should be submitted to EACEA as early as possible, you should consider the vocational period that might delay the decision.

Upon EACEA approval of prolongation, it will be necessary to sign the Amendment to the Partnership Agreement and the Ukrainian teams should apply for the re-registration of the projects.

While preparing the final reporting, please make sure your partners provide all possible evidences of activities, results as well as impact at all levels. Among other things, it is recommended to prepare the articles by each partner about the impact of the project outcomes for the development of their university, community, sector, higher education. Such articles should be placed on the web-sites of the university, projects, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, NEOs, etc. In case of research outcomes, like monograph, articles or PhD thesis, they should be reflected among the recommended reading for students in the modernised /developed curricula. Please do not forget about the external peer review of the projects outcomes.

Last year videorecordings of the reporting preparation by the EACEA could be useful, please follow the link here – 1st day and here for the 2nd day.

Should you need any help from our side, please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage. Viber/WhatsApp – +380505966045.

Kind regards and best wishes of health to all your teams!

Yours faithfully, NEO-Ukraine team

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