HERE Virtual Seminar and a launch event took place on 3-4 May 2023

The events were organized by the SPHERE consortium (Support and Promotion for Higher Education Reform Experts) that is comprised by the University of Barcelona (Coordinator) and the European University Association (EUA), an initiative funded by the European Commission. SPHERE provides training and networking for Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) and National Erasmus+ Offices (NEOs) in European Neighbourhood countries (former Tempus countries) since January 2015.

The first day, launch event, was open and mandatory for all HEREs and NEOs. The seminar “LEARNING & TEACHING in a POST-COVID Context: The Status Quo” was open to everyone in the HE community, including ministries and national agency officials, senior managers of institutions, student representatives, academic, and administrative staff.

In ‘post-pandemic’ situation, the big questions are: • How much transformation has taken place; is it likely to stay, and will it trigger further and sustained reforms at institutional and system levels? • How does it impact learning and teaching? • What are the changes for the higher education institution? • What are the lessons learned and implications for system-level authorities and structures? The seminar addressed these issues in different sessions, from different angles.

The event was attended by National team of the Higher Education Reform Experts and representatives of the National Erasmus+ office – Ukraine.


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