International Forum форум «Human Capital: A New Agenda» (12-13.11.2020)

13.11Over 1000 participants in Ukraine signed up for the Forum “Human Capital: A New Agenda” that took place 12-13 November 2020. The Forum is organised by the Ukrainian National Qualifications Agency in cooperation with social partners, the cabinet of ministers, parliament and key private organisations and ministries. The event was opened by Ukrainian prime minister, Denys SHMYHAL.

The ETF Director, Cesare ONESTINI, in his address, stressed the importance of the national qualifications system, lifelong learning and human capital in Ukraine and their links with European developments. There are common challenges, opportunities and policy objectives for Europe and Ukraine, he added. In a question on the challenges of the COVID crisis in Ukraine, Onestini stressed the importance of agile and flexible systems to help people to retrain quickly for new roles.

Topics addressed during the Forum included: the formation of the national qualifications system as a component of Ukraine’s European integration; human capital as a driver of innovation in the economy; forecasting of qualification needs; evaluating technologies and professional standards; and, priorities and objectives for the future.

Yuriy RASHKEVYCH (HERE team), member of the National Qualifications Agency joined the Discussion №4 “Qualifications Framework: Priorities and Tasks”.

The ETF is supporting Ukraine reform its education and training system by providing analysis and policy advice in addition to supporting the implementation of EU projects.

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Попередня Participation within the public discussion "Euromap of Ukraine-2" (12.11.2020, on-line)