International webinar “Development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework: experience and challenges” (15.09.2020, Kyiv)

Рисунок1On 15 September 2020 National Qualifications Agency organised the International Webinar “Development and Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework: Experiences and Challenges”.

More than 40 participants joined the event.

The webinar with Estonian, Finnish and Ukrainian speakers included three main reports: Carita BLOMKVIST – on the development and main aspects of the Finnish NQF and competency assessment modules; Yuriy RASHKEVYCH (HERE team) – about the qualification framework in Ukraine: problems of development and implementation; Olav AARNA – on the formation of a sectoral qualifications framework in the field of sport (Estonian Qualifications Agency).

Communicating with foreign colleagues will help to take due account the experience of European countries in developing and adapting to international standards the National Qualifications Framework in Ukraine.

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