Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute and Wikimedia Ukraine Launch An Information Campaign “Ukraine’s Cultural Diplomacy Month”

TW Wiki 08.02 ua“Ukraine Everywhere” is the motto of the international information campaign entitled “Ukraine’s Cultural Diplomacy Month” that kicks off from 10 February to 10 March 2021. The campaign is designed to create more articles about Ukraine and its culture in Ukrainian and other languages in Wikipedia.

“The world needs to know more about creative, dynamic, innovative Ukraine. Ukraine’s Cultural Diplomacy Month is a great opportunity to tell more about Ukrainian culture through one of the most popular sources of information, both in Ukrainian and foreign languages. After all, who else to tell the world about Ukraine, if not the Ukrainians themselves? I encourage everyone to do this together to create new articles about contemporary Ukrainian cinema, music, theater, literature, and art in Wikipedia,” said Dmytro Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Cultural Diplomacy Month will be dedicated to famous Ukrainian artists of cinema, music, literature, architecture, design, who have made a significant contribution to world culture and about whom there are no articles in Wikipedia. As part of the campaign, volunteers are encouraged to create new articles in foreign languages to spread factual information about Ukraine in different regions of the world. For the same purpose, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute have recently launched the website.

“For millions of people, Wikipedia is the first source of information on a variety of topics. That is why it is important to use the capabilities of Wikipedia to tell the world about Ukrainian traditions, artists and events in languages spoken by different readers. This project is about the contribution of the Ukrainians to world culture, so we expect to attract as many like-minded people as possible,” commented Volodymyr Sheiko, Director General of the Ukrainian Institute.

More than 15 universities from Ukraine, the Czech Republic and the United States of America have already joined the campaign.

As part of the project, two Wikipedia editing webinars are going to take place on 17 February (in Ukrainian) and 19 February (in English). Deadline for registration is 16 February 2021: 

We invite everyone to join the “Ukraine’s Cultural Diplomacy Month”. All information about the project, the list of proposed articles and terms of participation are available at 

For general matters, please contact:

Press inquiries: 

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