Online Info session: European policy experimentations 2024 (06.02.2024, online)

On 6 February 2024, the Online Info session: European policy experimentations 2024 was held.

European policy experimentations are transnational cooperation projects that involve developing, implementing and testing the relevance, effectiveness, potential impact and scalability of activities to address policy priorities in different countries. By combining strategic leadership, methodological soundness, and a strong European dimension, they enable mutual learning and support evidence-based policy at European level. To address this objective, the call is composed of six separate topics with specific objectives and priorities:

  • Topic 1 – Digital Education – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-POL-EXP-DIGITAL
  • Topic 2 – Vocational Education and Training – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-POL-EXP-VET
  • Topic 3 – Adult Education – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-POL-EXP-ADULT
  • Topic 4 – School Education – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-POL-EXP-SCHOOL
  • Topic 5 – Micro-credentials – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-POL-EXP-MICRO-CRED
  • Topic 6 – Higher Education – ERASMUS-EDU-2024-POL-EXP-HIGHER-EDU

Videorecording and presentations of the online info session are available here.

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