Opening of 2024 Erasmus+ European Universities call

The fifth Erasmus+ call for proposals supports the further rollout of the European Universities initiative, allowing an expansion to at least 60 European Universities by mid-2024, in line with the European strategy for universities.

About the call

This latest Erasmus+ call for proposals comes with a total budget of €189,2 million.

It runs from 3 October 2023 to 6 February 2024.

The call will allow the European Universities initiative to expand to at least 60 European Universities alliances with more than 500 universities by 2024.

It is delivering on one of the flagship initiatives of the European strategy for universities [pdf].


The call is an open competitive call based on qualitative criteria.

New alliances are eligible to apply. In addition, one important novelty is the opportunity to set up a Community of Practice of European Universities to support closer cooperation.

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