Participation in the ESN-Kyiv Day for Newbies (20.10.20, Kyiv)

imgonline com ua compressbysize h6rdq1247zchq2rOn 20 September 2020, ESN-Kyiv organised an official dedication to the Newbies community. NEO – Ukraine took an active part by visiting the event with a presentation on the Programme and cooperation between NEO and ESN.

During the event, participants learned about the Erasmus+ Programme, key actions and features of cooperation with various participants. The President of ESN-Kyiv in her presentation stressed the mission mission, goals and main tasks of international and national ESN community.

NEO – Ukraine representative Kateryna Zhdanova emphasized the main promotional projects in expanding cooperation with ESN-Kyiv to promote the Programme in all spheres, as well as planning new promo and dissemination approaches/instruments during the quarantine.



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