Participation in the Online conference ‘Russian aggression against Ukraine: educational dilemmas’ (30.11.2022, online)

On 30 November 2022, The Czech presidency of the Council of the EU and the General Secretariat of the Council invited policymakers, local authorities, educators and students to exchange views about the lessons learned from the first months of integration of Ukrainian refugees into EU national education systems, as well as to present concrete initiatives undertaken by member states in this context.

RECORDING of the event.

The online event addressed the key issues and dilemmas crucial in tackling this challenge of integration of Ukrainian students and pupils into national education systems in the EU, in particular, Estonia, Poland where the speakers discussed their approaches in the education integration process. Besides, local authorities, students, educators and other relevant stakeholders from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland explored different perspectives and shared their experience on the integration of Ukrainians into national education systems in the EU.

Svitlana SHYTIKOVA, Coordinator, the NEO-Ukraine expressed the gratefulness to the European community for solidarity and providing a helping hand to the Ukrainian education during the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The NEO-Ukraine Coordinator re-confirmed the tremendously important support of the Erasmus+ Programme for the Ukrainian education system since 24 February 2022 what is allowing to Ukrainians fleeing the war to integrate into the EU education process as well as is assuring further recognition of academic results by Ukrainian education institutions upon their return to their education institutions.

A video recording of the NEO coordinator in Ukraine and a presentation on the war in Ukraine and the opportunities of cooperation with Ukrainian organizations were distributed .

Information on the website of the event organizers.

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