Specifics for International (Credit) Mobility for 1 semester for male Bachelor Students under Erasmus+ (New Regulations CMU #366 as of 2.04.2024)

On April 2, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted its Regulation #57 “On Amendments to the Rules for Crossing the State Border by Citizens of Ukraine.” (Постанова КМУ № 57, правила щодо перетину кордону доповнено пунктом 219 згідно з постановою Кабінету Міністрів України від 02.04.2024 р. N 366)


The document stipulates that male students will be able to cross the border during martial law for international mobility if they:

  • aged from 18 to 22 years old, not subject to recruitment for military service during mobilization;
  • study on a full-time basis at state or communal higher education institution of Ukraine at a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree in medicine, pharmacy or veterinary field) educational programmes;
  • are participants of international academic (credit) mobility;
  • go to short term study at foreign higher education institutions for 1 semester only.


To cross the border for the purpose of studying on international academic mobility programs, a student must have:

  • a document / an official letter from a higher education institution of Ukraine confirming his participation in the academic (credit) mobility program for a short-term study at a foreign higher education institution (*specify all relevant details concerning the below in the official letter), indicating:
  • agreements of cooperation (*copy of Inter-Institutional Agreement); period of the academic semester abroad;
  • lack of negative grades and facts of retaking tests and exams based on the results of the last two semesters (half a year);
  • confirmation of the relevant level of knowledge of the foreign language required for his study during the mobility (*relevant certificate as required by the host university);
  • a copy of the academic mobility agreement (*Learning/Internship Agreement) issued by host HEI, certified by the higher educational institution of Ukraine;
  • e-ticket of a student of Ukrainian HEI verified by the governmental official portal – DIIA (*ДІЯ);
  • military service registration documents with the appropriate stamps of district, city territorial and social support centers (*ТЦК, State Border Guard Services of Ukraine).


Background. Academic mobility is an opportunity for students to temporarily go abroad for study or internship in order to gain new knowledge and experience. For universities, it is also an instrument to strengthen partnerships with foreign institutions.


Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

*comments from NEO – Ukraine team related to the specifics and the documents available under Erasmus+ Programme

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