#Erasmus Mundus

Inter-institutional agreement for mobility of students and staff with partner countries now available

As from the second Erasmus+ call, student and staff mobility in higher education will be possible not only within Europe, but also with partner countries from the rest of the world. The inter-institutional agreements which higher education institutions (HEIs) sign before they start exchanging students and staff had to be adapted to take into account […]

Nine Joint Master programmes were selected for funding under Erasmus+

New Joint Master programmes were selected under EU-funded programme Erasmus+: COlour in Science and IndustryJoint Masters Degree in Aquaculture, Environment and SocietyE+ JMD CARTOGRAPHYExcellence in Analytical CHemistryMedia Arts CulturesKino Eyes – The European Movie Masters – Erasmus Plus Joint Master DegreeEDUCATION POLICIES FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENTEuropean Master on Advanced RoboticsDynamics of cultural landscapes and heritage management […]