TAIEX Workshop on Boosting Education Funding Reform (16.03.18, Kyiv)

taiex16 March 2018  TAIEX Workshop on Boosting Education Funding Reform will take place in Kyiv. Event is organised by the Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Education Reforms Office in Ukraine.

The aim is to provide officials from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Education Reforms Office in Ukraine, as well as other experts involved in the funding of Education, information about good practices in the field of education in different EU Member States. Representative of the National Erasmus+ Office – Ukraine Zhanna TALANOVA will participate in the workshop.
The workshop will be dedicated to the organisation and funding of Education under a market economy with a special focus on recent trends and developments in the educational services market. During this workshop, EU experts – Ms Rocio FERRERO PRIETO, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Castile and Leon Regional Board of Education, Spain, Mr Antti MARKKANEN, Finnish National Agency for Education, Finland, Mr Dieter DOHMEN, Institute for Education and Socio-Economic Research and Consulting (FiBS), Austria – will present methodologies and formulas for calculation of costs of educational services for further discussion between EU and Ukrainian experts.

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