The European Commission contributes to the development and improvement of innovation and entrepreneurship IT-students in Ukraine

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – Inna Sovsun and head international cooperation and European Integration – Anna Novosad under Tempus project «National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship», which aims to promote synergies between educational programs, research projects and business innovation, visited the Technical University of Denmark.

During the event, a meeting was held with representatives of the MES and the main results of the project, namely:

1. The results of the analysis of the prospects for innovation in IT standards and best working models and structures for cooperation “university-company” in the field of education and research activities

2. Improvement of existing national guidelines on innovation and entrepreneurship at universities in the IT-sector
3. The conduct of national training seminars for acceptance and understanding of advanced recommendations for innovation and entrepreneurship in universities in the IT-sector
4. Development of a web portal that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and creates a Virtual environment for students where they could share their innovative ideas and get advice from teachers and specialists in the field of IT.
5. The introduction of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship (both compulsory courses) in a number of items on master’s programs software development, software systems
6. Preparations for the student competition IT Eureka! Ukraine
7. Discussion of learning models of Ukrainian students in innovative centers of European partner universities – Tempuc project

All project were recruited and approved by representatives of the MES.

Upcoming Events project is the first Ukrainian IT innovation forum of students, which will be held in Odessa, March 20, 2015

The general manager of the project: Dr. Arianna Curti, Assistant Professor Linnaeus University, e-mail: arianit.kurti @, telephone +46 (0) 470-70 83 75.

Project Coordinator in Ukraine: Ph.D. Tatiana Shatovska, associate professor of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, e-mail:, phone +380577021646

Tempus is a program of the European Union, which supports the modernization of higher education in the partner countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean mainly through university cooperation projects.

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