Training “Educational Project Management: Developing the Potential of Vocational Education” (21.11.2023, online)

On November 21, 2023, the Erasmus+ CBHE PAGOSTE project team from the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman held a training on Educational Project Management: Developing the Potential of Vocational Education.

The training was attended by representatives of training and methodological centers and vocational education institutions from different regions of Ukraine.

During the training, participants learned about:

  • The features of the EU Erasmus+ Programme;
  • Programme participating countries;
  • The specifics of cooperation projects between organisations and institutions;
  • The goals and tasks of projects to develop capacity in the field of VET;
  • Priorities for international and national development in the field of VET;
  • Criteria for choosing a project title;
  • The use of the “Problem Tree”;
  • Formulating the goals and objectives of the project in accordance with the SMART approach.

Participants discussed and presented interesting ideas for projects on capacity development of VET in the areas of developing the entrepreneurial competencies of VET students, digitalization and the creation of centers of professional excellence, the development of international partnerships, intercultural communication and foreign language competencies.

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