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Введення в курс з права ЄС

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2014-2017 EU Grant: 30.000,00 € Регіон: Kharkiv Region Місто: Kharkov Координатор: Харківський національний університет ім. В.Н.Каразіна Контакти: Аліна Червяцова
Тел.: +38 093 535 44 42
Email: alinaCH@ukr.net

For Ukraine participation in the process of the European integration is more than just a priority of national foreign policy. It is civilization choice for which Ukrainians are ready to fight. Under these conditions one of the challenges for the Ukrainian law faculties is to work out and implement a course on the EU Law which enables law students to get knowledge and skills necessary to work with institutions and agencies of the European Union. To do this the Faculty of Law V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University needs support and help prom the EU professors. We do not teach EU Law at all and we do not have any specialist in this field. The idea of the project is to invite foreign professors to have a short-visit to our university (four days) to teach several lectures on different issues of the EU law and European Integration. The course of the EU law will be taught by leading professors from the EU Universities to the last-year students (Masters, postgraduate students and some professors of the Faculty of Law, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. The course consists of 120 teaching hours per year devoted to the key aspects of the European Integration and EU law such as: History and Sources of European Law; Structure, Competence, Functions of the EU Institutions; HR Protection and European Standards; Free Movement of Goods; EU Tax and Budget Law; EU Contract Law; EU Corporate Law; EU Investment Law; EU Trade Law; EU Competition Law; EU Intellectual Property Rights Law; EU Environmental Law; EU Foreign Policy; EU Internal Security; EU Social Law.For our faculty the project “Initiating the Course of the EU Law” is the unique opportunity to start this course from scratch, having methodological and informational support from the EU universities professors and financial support from the EU institutes. It will help us also to set and develop contacts with EU universities.