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Європейські бізнес-моделі: трансформація, гармонізація та імплементація в Україні

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2017-2020 EU Grant: 30000,00 € Регіон: Kyiv Region Місто: Kyiv Контакти: Liudmyla Shulgina
Пр-т Перемоги, 37, Київ, 03056, Україна,
+38 067 49 349 19, +(044) 204 85 10,
l.shulgina@kpi.ua, shulm@ukr.net

The aim of the module is an in-depth study of European practices of competitiveness and promotion of the EU transformation process benefits.The main objectives: 1) to expand and deep knowledge on the EU and benefits of European business model among specially mixed audience;2) to promote changes in the labor market and educational space through the motivation of students employment and self-employment;3) to prepare educational content based on target oriented approach (tailor-made courses on specific EU issues, public seminars, interdisciplinary trainings);4) to provide educational assistance to students from temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, if they would be interested in the project activities.Planned activities: forum, roundtable, training, seminars and lectures in the framework of existing subjects, research, publications for dissemination at national and European level.Main outcomes and impact:- creating interdisciplinary scientific and social platform in KPI to solve urgent economic problems in our country taking into account the experience of EU countries;- forming leaders community capable of working with the use of the European model of management;- raising public awareness and to oppose anti-European aggressive propaganda due to the project emphasis on students – one of the most active parts of society;- creating new directions of EU studies, particularly through involvement of young scientists and doctoral students, teachers and diploma work supervisors, as well as new subjects for graduate students and bringing to EU-debate the teaching staff of KPI.The new element of this module is the interdisciplinarity and the interaction of technical and management students, doctors of philosophy; improvement of educational activities through a combination of education, science and the labour market demands.