Capacity Building in Vocational Education and Training (CB VET) 2024: how to apply

The Capacity Building in VET 2024 call is now open for submission. Find out the call novelties, how to apply and other useful resources! Deadline for submission: 29 February 2024, 17:00 (CET).

The Capacity building in the field of Vocational Education and Training (CB VET) action supports international cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships between organisations active in the field of VET in EU Member States, third countries associated to the Erasmus+ Programme and third countries not associated to the Programme. Its aim is to support the relevance, accessibility, and responsiveness of VET institutions and systems in third countries not associated to the Programme, as a driver of sustainable socio-economic development.

Important novelties for the 2024 call (ERASMUS-EDU-2024-CB-VET)

  • Updated regional priorities for Sub-Saharan Africa (Region 9), priority to projects that contribute to foster public-private dialogue between VET institutions and the private sector was included. In addition,  priority will be given to projects that contribute to the respective geographic Multi-annual Indicative Programmes at country or regional level and to the EU-Africa Global Gateway Investment Package.
  • Links to policy documents (e.g. regional priorities), have been included in the Programme Guide.
  • Eligibility criteria have been updated, to allow for multiple submissions by the same coordinator. Additionally, organisations from different eligible regions of third countries not associated to the Programme cannot participate in the same project. It means, cross-regional projects are not eligible in the 2024 call.
  • The award criterion “Quality of the project design and implementation” guiding point “Recognition and validation” the 2024 Programme guide includes concrete tools for recognition and validation of the projects’ outcomes (with hyperlinks).
  • New updated rules of eligible costs have been published: For the 2024 call, financial support for third parties in the form of grants or prizes is not allowed. Volunteer costs, and SME unit costs for SME owner are allowed. The new budget excel table allows for inserting decimals for staff costs.

Useful resources for applicants and more information.

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