ESNsurvey XIV: the latest edition of the largest student-led research project in the field of student mobility

The Erasmus Student Network has published the research report of the 14th edition of the ESNsurvey, Europe’s largest student-led research project in the field of Erasmus+ mobilities and international student exchange. 

In its 14th edition, the ESNsurvey collected more than 10,000 answers in 2021. The main objective of the survey was to monitor the implementation of Erasmus+ Higher Education mobilities and other student exchanges, considering the commitments included in the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, the quality framework that Universities need to adhere to in order to participate in Erasmus+ mobilities.

The report shows that overall satisfaction with student mobilities improved considerably since the beginning of the last Erasmus+ programme and that mobility has a remarkable impact on the students, increasing their interest in sustainability and making them more internationally minded. However, financial support, recognition and lack of interaction with local communities remain a challenge. Trainees report lower levels of satisfaction than participants in study mobilities, and Erasmus+ International Credit Mobilities receive higher levels of satisfaction.

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