Implementation of mobility projects under Martial Law in Ukraine

Important information on the martial law in Ukraine since 24th February 2022 and cooperation with the Ukrainian Universities!

We invite the International Partners to learn the latest updates on “Higher Education and Erasmus+ before and during war: challenges, needs, resources and opportunities”, Svitlana SHYTIKOVA, National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine

Ukraine during war, Eng. language

We would like to pay attention of the international partners that Ukrainian HEIs are working, some universities were relocated from the temporary occupied teritories.

To apply special measures according to the European Commission Derectives, especially if a studetn or staff applied directly to the European University – host university, please always contact home university of the student from Ukraine.

There are internal institutional procedures to be regulated. It is important to regulate student and staff mobility in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and for further recognition of his mobility periods.

EU Commission has provided the Special Guides to support Ukrainian students, staff and youth on Mobility Actions with flexibility approach during the war – translations into Ukrainian language at the link to download.

To find the information about the HEIs and thier Study Programme, we recommend the search at the Ukrainian State Center for International Education:

For most updated information about the Erasmus Coordinators and International Relation Officers, please contact National Erasmus+ Office – Ukraine – +380505966045 (Viber/WhatsApp), email:

Contacts of the Ukrainian Universities International Relation Officers and Erasmus Coordinators – the information is under verification: unfortunately, some people were killed/injured/relocated/changed job (to be updated in late August 2022).

List of the temporary relocated HEIs and VET Institutions has been updating constantly by the MoESU – at the link to download.

Database of the Ukrainian Universities and Erasmus+ Projects, including ICM (see page ICM)

List of Programme and Partner Countries and Universities in 2015-2020 calls for ICM

Перелік ЗВО й інших організацій України та країн-членів Програми, які виграли проєкти на організацію міжнародної академічної мобільності за обміном

2 webinars were performed for the Ukrainian universities to apply this flexobility:

1) Webinar of Special Guide: 1st part is in Ukrainian language and 2nd part is in English language at the link to download.

2) Webinar on specifics of special support to Ukraine on mobility action – in Ukrainian language at the link to download.

Useful resources of the webinar to establish and strengthen cooperation between Ukrainian and European universities at the link to download.

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