Information for CBHE project coordinators from Programme Countries and other partners (winners of 2023 and 2023 call)

Dear team! Cordial congratulation and welcome to the Erasmus Community on behalf of National Erasmus Office – Ukraine! We value your care, support and solidarity with Ukraine! 

Ukrainian universities teams are working with a strong resilience being under threats every day in Ukraine! 

Working in close cooperation, we will cope with challenges together!

What our team can do for your project?

NEO – Ukraine team provides consultations and assistance on specific issues on projects implementation in Ukraine and promote your project activities and results widely.

Our team is a helping hand to CBHE project teams and to any challenges your teams might be faced cooperating with Ukraine, especially during the martial law period.

For any questions or help from our side, please do not hesitate to contact Svitlana SHYTIKOVA, Coordinator of National Erasmus+ office in Ukraine via WhatsApp /Viber – +380505966045 (24/7), email:

All about specifics of implementation of the CBHE projects is described in details at the file here

NEO – Ukraine has created the Telegram Chat for Ukrainian CBHE partners (2022-2027) to communicate on urgent issues, exchange experience and interproject cooperation. The Chat address could be provided to the Ukrainian beneficiaries, please recommend your partners to contact us urgently, if they are not in the Chat yet.

The webpage for the Ukrainian beneficiaries with the specifics of the implementation of the projects in Ukraine during the martial law, legislation, registration and other practical information (in Ukrainian language):

EACEA CBHE projects winner 2023 webinar is performed on 6-7 February 2024 and the recordings are placed via link after it.

Please share it with your teams!

You can also find videorecording and other resources for the beneficiaries of 2022 calls prepared by the EACEA in the context of Grant holders meeting:

Updates on the situation during the Martial Law in Ukraine at the NEO – Ukraine webpage.

NEO in Ukraine team provides consultation and training sessions on specifics of Ukrainian legislation on implementation of the EU-funded projects (for project teams, accountants etc.), please do not hesitate to contacts us to organise such sessions, if required, especially for newcomers.

Some important issues to be taken into consideration:

Of any challenges or potential risks of the Ukrainian partner, especially during the Martial law in Ukraine, first communicate directly to NEO Ukraine immediately!

Inform your Project officer about the potential changes and challenges via system or email (with copy to NEO Ukraine)!

Official registration of the projects is a must and will provide the official recognition of the project as an International Technical Assistance of EU to Ukraine and apply for the priority payments in the State Treasury Services of Ukraine, possibility for currency transfers to EU partners and within Ukraine for UA partners universities accounts, VAT exempt and other.

If there are delays of payments of project related invoices within universities by the State Treasury or banks, NEO Ukraine provides letters about the priorities of payments under CBHE project. Please inform the Ukrainian partners to send to NEO the e-letter with details on the delay, including name of the project, date, purpose of payment, amount of invoice, when was submitted to State Treasury Service of Ukraine or any other relevant information.

Due to Martial law and consequences, in some cases, there is a problem (blocks or delays) with the transfer of funds from EU University as a Coordinator bank to Ukrainian Universities which based close to the frontlines e.g. Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, others and relocated universities.

It is necessary without any delay that the Ukrainian partner university contacts their Ukrainian bank and request official letter certifying that the bank is working at the territory under control of the National Authorities of Ukraine. Such certificate should be endourced by the letter from the University certifying the situation and for relocated universities, if legal address is different from real placement after relocation, to explain that fact attaching the Order of the National Authorities about the relocation or/and the updated Statut of the University (with unofficial translation). We highly recommend to contact NEO – Ukraine as soon as possible for help. There were several cases already which were solved sucсessfully.

NEO team provides visa support letters for Embassies for staff and students, if required (for Ukrainians with biometric passports visa is not required for the missions): please send details in English language via e-mail: name, surname, position, role in the project, institution, passport#, project # and title, purpose of visit, dates, a copy of invitation letter to

For Erasmus+ projects partners of Ukrainian universities (staff) who has limitation on crossing the border for their participation in the short term (up to 3 weeks max) mobilities for the  should address their international relation department for the procedure for the preparation of the package of documents and letters. The final decision is taken by the State Border Control Service of Ukraine based on the provided package.

The project teams are highly recommended to contact Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to invite for events and for promotion of CBHE projects activities and outcomes for a wider impact via the MoES of Ukraine Internet Resources.

We would appreciate if your project invites NEO team to your events and share with us the announcements, news, articles on best practices or other related information to be published and disseminated further via our website, Face Book page and other channels.

NEO has a specific page for the projects news in 2 languages (English and Ukrainian) for synergy and interaction, so do not hesitate to send the information for further promotion.

Please send in English and Ukrainian languages e-mails with articles, news, announcements, press-releases for wider promotion and dissemination.

It is important that the description of the project: title, objectives, partnership, activities, expected outcomes and relevant contacts and official Erasmus+ CBHE logo are placed on University and other organisations in partnership Internet resources.

It is recommended that each partner university check at their home universities if they have/had other CBHE or Tempus projects to ensure cooperation and synergy. List of all Erasmus+ and Tempus IV projects with contacts for synergy for avoiding duplication is available at Project Database.

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