Information skype-session on participation within the EU program Erasmus+: Jean Monnet (12February 2018, Kyiv–Lviv)

skypeOn February 12, 2018, an information Skype-session was held at the National Erasmus + office in Ukraine on the development and submission of application packages within Jean Monnet Activities. The event was organized by the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine (EU Project) in cooperation with the State Institution “Institute of Regional Research named after M. I. Dolishniy of NAS of Ukraine” for interested representatives of scientific research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lviv.

During the event, the presentation was made by Petro KRAINIK, Manager of the National Erasmus + Office in Ukraine (EU Project), responsible for Jean Monet Activities. The speaker focused on such topical issues as the opportunities and the benefits for the participants – the individuals and organizations involved within the Jean Monnet Activities, the objectives, the types of projects and the peculiarities of each activity within the Jean Monnet, gave examples of similar projects abroad, described the peculiarities concerning preparation of qualitative project, filling in application forms and its annexes according to the type of the project.

At the end of the event, the participants got acquainted with the instructions for creating, filling in and submitting the application form, filling in the application package and received advices on support to associations within the Jean Monnet Activities, project team design, filling in a budget table, etc.

Thank you all for participation!

The EU Erasmus+ program is a program of the European Union for the period 2014-2020 supporting projects, partnerships, activities and mobility in education, training, youth and sports.

The Jean Monnet Activities within the EU Erasmus+ program have been transformed from the Jean Monnet Program in 2014. Within this Action, the European Union supports activities, which aim to promote teaching and research, knowledge dissemination on EU studies, understanding and debates on European integration processes. The activities within Jean Monnet were launched in 1989 and named after one of the “architects” and the founders of the EU.

Ukraine participates in the Jean Monnet program since 2001 (details and information on Jean Monnet Activities:

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