PIC Code for organization

All organizations as applicant or and a partner for all actions of Erasmus+ MUST be registered at the Participants Portal: http://ec.europa.eu/education/participants/portal/desktop/en/organisations/register.html

After registration the organization will receive a PIC Code numbner which have to be provided to the applicant organization.

To search the organization in the databse, if registered before for any other EU programmes, please visit: http://ec.europa.eu/education/participants/portal/desktop/en/organisations/search.html

Enter title of organization in English and Captcha Code and search.

In case your Organization (UMBRELLA – not department) is registered for any other programmes (Research Framework Programmes or other) already, the organization will appear in the list.


PIC 938113773 Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Kyiv UA   DECLARED    

So if you are inetrested to include Minister of Education and Sciences of Ukraine in partnership, please provide this PIC to your applicant organization and then write letter to Ministry (First Deputy Minister) with short description of project idea and request to sign Mandate, see Annex at: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus/funding/key-action-2-capacity-building-in-field-higher-education-2015_en

In case your organization have several PIC Codes (several departments registered before) or you have not found LEAR (contact person for PIC) in youe organization or you have any other technical questions, please contact for specification: EC-GMSS-EDUCATION-SUPPORT@EC.EUROPA.EU

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