Presentation “Higher Education in Ukraine: Internationalisation Value Added During the War” for German Universities (28.07.2022, online)

On 28 July 2022, within a part of lecture series on war in Ukraine, NEO – Ukraine Coordinator Svitlana Shytiova provided presentation for German Universities “Higher Education in Ukraine: Internationalization Value Added During the War”.

Serhii KOKIN, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, highlighted key events of Ukrainian history of the 20th century, and Svitlana SHYTIKOVA stressed current situation and internationalization of higher education during the war. Speakers also discussed issue of the state of Ukrainian education before and during the war; education challenges during the war; special support of the EUs institutions; current needs at the individual, institutional and national levels; opportunities and ideas for cooperation with Ukraine within the Erasmus+ Programme in 2023.

Erasmus+ during the war against Ukraine

Попередня ESN - Ukraine Webinar: Ukrainian voices from Abroad (28.07.2022)