“Took responsibility and returned to defend Ukraine” – Ukrainian Erasmus Mundus Scholar

The recovery of Ukraine, in particular the future of its economy, depends on how many Ukrainians return home after the war. How and when to return is a difficult decision that everyone must make on their own. The Ukrainer team joined this discussion and gave votes to those who already approved it.

Ukraїner is a community and organization that has been researching Ukraine and the Ukrainian context since 2016, telling stories to Ukrainian audiences and broadcasting them to the world in dozens of languages. Ukraїner’s mission is to develop an open Ukrainian society by covering essential topics and creating additional value for objects of cultural and historical memory.

The Ukrainer team launched the documentary series “Homecoming”, which tells the stories of Ukrainians who, in a difficult time for the country, returned to be useful and help on the ground. The first series of the doc project tells about Ukrainians who returned to join the army: Andrii from IT, restaurateur Roman, as well as Anna from Kharkiv, Erasmus Mundus Scholar, who left her studies in Belgium to stand up for the defense of her country.

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