Інструментарій, політика та кращі практики захисту навколишнього середовища в ЄС

According to Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement, Ukraine has to adopt 29 EU Directives and Regulations on environmental protection. This will bring Ukraine closer to EU standards and significantly improve national environmental policy and practices, and will promote solving of long-term Ukrainian problems in environmental protection. The Jean Monnet Module addresses to better understanding of European policy and effective practices for environmental protection and sustainability. The Module comprises university teaching course on European tools, policies and best practices in environmental protection for Master’s students in Environmental Science, and in Food Technologies, and summer school for policy-makers, industry experts, representatives of NGOs, and the public. Thus, the Module will include university course and two summer schools, will comprise 356 contact hours and cover about 420 students/learners during 3-year project. The Module aims at highlighting positive examples of European environmental policies and practices for sustainable development from an interdisciplinary perspective. The main outputs of the Module are an increase of awareness of learners in key aspects of EU environmental policies effectiveness and challenges, and transformation of this knowledge into practical approaches for effective environmental protection in Ukraine. This Jean Monnet Module will be one of the very first European study courses at the National University of Food Technologies, and will prepare future professionals in environmental protection and in food technologies for effective implementation of best European practices into transforming economy of Ukraine. Also, summer schools will promote the dissemination of knowledge on European policies and best practices into policy-maker bodies and NGOs in Ukraine. The public will also have an access to added value of the Module through the free online course and through the website of the project.

Попередня Україна – ЄС: крос-культурні порівняння в освітніх дослідженнях