Мовна політика Європейського Союзу

The identified need to develop European Studies at our Institution has been an urgent point of the optimization of educational standards in Ukraine in general and at our University in particular. Various fragments of EU studies have already been integrated into the syllabus of some departments, but our students, language teachers, public administrators and local government officials demonstrate an ever growing interest and motivation to learn more about the European Union, EU policy, in general, and communication, in particular, European culture, and EU language policy and planning. An interdisciplinary approached, offered in our EULP project, will help to cover a larger number of beneficiaries and foster the dialog among various target groups responsible for Ukraine`s integration in the common EU cultural, educational and research space. We also believe that the project will better prepare our graduates for their professional life in the EU bordering region and to a certain extent increase the number of international companies and organization interested in the collaboration with the Volyn region. The EULP project will give us a unique chance to enlarge the knowledge about EU language policy and language planning, EU communicative policy among the University students and post-graduates, academic stuff and teachers. LUEENU also actively participates in the social and cultural life of Volyn region, often providing special tailor-made courses and trainings for high school teachers, public administrators, local government officials and civil society representatives on current issues that demand additional clarification, explanation and competencies development. Thus, the EULP project will help us to disseminate the knowledge of the EU language and communication policies among the target groups responsible for European integration, state and local reformation and governing, and international cooperation.

Попередня Європейські бізнес-моделі: трансформація, гармонізація та імплементація в Україні