Освітній модуль: “Концепція Європи: від ідеї до її реалізації

The proposed project in the context of the integration of Ukraine into the European community, designed to solve the problem of lack of awareness of society (especially youth) about the history of development of integration processes in Europe. In addition, to counter the aggressive anti-European information field that has been active in Chernihiv region as a border area (we have borders with Russia and Belarus).There are no academic centers of European Studies in the region. That is why, CHNPU, in order to intensify the transition to European educational standards, proposes a European integration module, which will be teach in one of the oldest historical research institutions of Ukraine – Oleksandr Lazarevskyi Educational and Scientific Institute of History, Ethnology and Law.This will lay the strong foundation for establishing European studies, investigations and fostering international scientific dialogue, integration of local researchers in the European scientific community, and contribute to a democratic society.The Educational Module “The Concept of Europe: From the Idea to Realization” is addressed to 4th year students of the Institute, who will continue studies to get Master`s Degree; and for those of them, who will start an active professional career after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree.It should be emphasized that these two youth groups need to gain in-depth knowledge of European integration for fostering international European dialogue; and to see not only prospects for Ukraine, but also opportunities for personal realization and development.To achieve these goals, educational module will be teach using innovative pedagogical approaches such as dialogical method, the problem of modeling, etc. It will cause actualizing of interest in the study of the proposed module topics, develop analytical, communication and research skills among destinators; and promote awareness of European identity of Ukraine.

Попередня Запровадження стратегії екологічної безпеки: інтеграція європейського досвіду