Проектний менеджмент в ЄС

The objective of the project is to provide students with the needed and comprehensive knowledge and essential skills of EU cooperation policy including the aspects of EU Project Management. Furthermore, the module aims at contributing to the preparation of a students to use the tools offered by the EU and to participate to calls proposed by the EU in order to get funding for the proposals as well as to increase the awareness, knowledge and skills for successful, cost-effective preparation a funding proposal and to develop management capabilities for implementation of projects.The module “EU Project Management” is taught through introductions, exercises, simulations, case studies, debriefings and discussions. The module starts with an interactive introduction on the theory and practice of the EU cooperation policy and the EU Project Management. The module confronting theory with practice divided into following main strands: lectures, seminars; simulation exercises and case studies and conference.Upon successful completion the module will assist students with grasping the complexities of EU funding schemes and to keep projects on track even in the toughest, most unpredictable times, the module covers all phases of an EU Project. More specifically, throughout the module, students get to know EU funding opportunities which are available and explore project concept, project cycle, project design and project proposal writing. Moreover, the module aims to support good management practices and effective decision making throughout the project management cycle. The produced teaching materials during the realization of the course will stimulate further teaching on EU Project Management, especially in the long term.

Попередня Інструментарій, політика та кращі практики захисту навколишнього середовища в ЄС