Успішні європейські практики як платформа досягнення завдань сталого розвитку з питань безпеки води

The European Union considers an environmental safety as an important component of European stability. Water security is one of the priorities of national and European policies to ensure the goals of sustainable development. It is important to note that Ukraine has a number of topical environmental issues of water security and, at the same time, has an important role in ensuring environmental sustainability in Europe. Actual new challenges are in preparing of environmentalists in the higher education system. Therefore, it is extremely important to improve the content of the training of environmentalists and to ensure specialists’ knowledge in Ukraine. Jean Monnet Module that is proposed will motivate Ukrainian university teachers and students in studying and reflection of EU water policy and environmental mechanisms of its effective implementation for providing sustainable development of the country.The Jean Monnet Module has multidisciplinary character. The one include knowledge of monitoring, environmental policy, legal aspects, management, environmental safety of water resources. The Module will promote European research and study experience with regard to environmental management, instruments, eco-innovations, implementation of environmentally friendly technologies in the EU. The Module will have strong impact on Master’s Students. The students and young researchers will be able have a valuable learning experience to compare and to evaluate national environmental practices with the EU experience and impacts of individual member states. The realization of the Module in practice of Master’s Students study will promote future young professionals’ understanding of the EU principles and experience of water security and foster transforming economy of Ukraine into EU. Further dissemination of the project outcomes among interested experts and the general public will be reached through the running of Internet page of the Module and free online course.

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