Все про Європу: читайте, слухайте, вивчайте у Центрах європейської інформації при бібліотеках

Today 62% of Ukrainians support the country’s European choice, but there is an issue of increasing this number and promote higher awareness among the public about the European Union (EU) and European standards. Libraries are the institutions that can meet this need. In recent years, European Information Centers (EICs) of Ukraine at 18 regional public libraries have been created and worked as a network. Currently there is a need to create additional EICs in small towns and districts to raise the awareness and outreach related to EU. The Ukrainian Library Association (ULA) can address this issue considering its previous experience of creating and maintaining networks nationwide (e.g., 950 public access points to official government information open at libraries across Ukraine). ULA is well poised to create a network of 100 EICs in the cities and regions of Ukraine, which will become a platform to discuss a variety of EU and European integration-related topics.

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