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Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Project period 2014-2017 EU Grant: 11340,00 € Регіон: Lviv Region Місто: Lviv Координатор: Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка Контакти: Роман Калитчак
Тел.: +38 098 058 40 45
Email: kalytchak@hotmail.com

The course “The EU’s Subnational Dimension” aims at providing students with better understanding of the EU’s subnational level, immerse in both the theory and advanced EU’s practices and highlight the opportunities for reinforcing the cooperation with the EU by involving more actively subnational actors from Ukraine. It will develop a critically informed perspective on the implications for Ukrainian regions in the context of the relationship with the EU. The course adopts an interdisciplinary approach and is intended to meet both generalist and specialist needs. It will be part of a new MA specialization “European Integration”. The course will help to prepare students for their future professional life, provide them with specific skills and competence and encourage taking into account the EU factor not only on supra or state-, but also on subnational level. The course will serve as a point of reference for other EU-related courses, enrich the didactic offer in EU Studies and promote the interdisciplinary approach. It is designed as a combination of lectures and practical seminars. Throughout the course the emphasis will be put on balancing theoretical material with case study examples. The use of innovative teaching techniques, the introduction of supplementary workshop with aim at aligning students with the requirement of the labour market, the interaction with local NGO’s on civic engagement, the organization of thematic roundtables, the creation of the website and the use of online resources will increase the competiveness of the course and will contribute to the quality of teaching in EU Studies. This will be the first Jean Monnet program in the region. This fact would greatly contribute to the professionalization and will enhance the visibility of EU Studies.One of the results of the project will be the publication of the article in the peer-reviewed English language journal that will help to understand better the EU impact on Ukrainian regions.