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Виклики енергоефективності: співпраця між Україною та ЄС

Програма: Жан Моне
Project type: MODULE Type (HEI/ Other): HEI Project period 2018-2021 EU Grant: 30000,00 € Регіон: Poltava Region Місто: Poltava Координатор: Національний університет "Полтавська політехніка імені Юрія Кондратюка" Контакти: Kseniia Chichulina

Since ancient times energy has been an important factor that defines the development of the country economy, increase of people’s prosperity and life quality. Energy efficiency is the priority in the development of EU countries which have practical experience in energy efficiency. Solution to energy saving problems by EU countries creates bases for economy restructuring in general. GDP energy intensity in Ukraine is 22 times higher than in Europe. Implementation of the proven experience of energy efficiency by the European countries will make for a swift development of the economy in Ukraine. Hence, it is up-to-date nowadays to study the European experience of transition from managingenergy intensity of economy to energy saving and energy efficiency; implementation of European legislation in the field of energy saving, and practices of application of modern energy and resource saving materials, structures, devices and equipment.The aim of the course is to popularize energy efficiency in Ukrainian society and familiarize students with the practice of effective application of energy resources. The course is worked out for students of economic and technical specialties, managers and enterprise executives. During the course of studies special attention will be paid to the formation of student’s competence in the issues of the rational usage of renewable resources; deepening of their practical knowledge of energy efficiency and ecology; research of the sources and instruments of energy efficiency projects resource supply in the EU and ability to adapt them in Ukraine. Moreover, the course will introduce improved argumentation methods of the efficiency and expediency of realization of energy saving projects which have a considerable energy saving potentialAt the end of the course students will gain knowledge and experience in choosing optimal energy saving forms and directions, assessing energy-efficient potential and investment appeal at Ukrainian enterprises.