ETF Webinar video recording “Digital skills and learning: a silver bullet for education?” (9.10.19)

We’d like to invite you to watch video recording of the ETF Webinar “Digital skills and learning: a silver bullet for education?” that took place on 9th October 2019. European Training Foundation is the agency of the European Union working to support EU neighbouring countries in their reform of human capital.

The event was focused on the recent developments in the digital skills area and online learning in vocational education and training, with specific examples from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Some of the questions that were  discussing:
• Is Today’s generation of students at risk of falling victim to the digital gap?
• Do you think that digital skills will revolutionize the world of education and improve employment chances for all generations?
• Digital skills and learning: is it a real panacea for education of the present and future?

Also please see below the information package specifically developed for promotion of the event:

1. Facebook event where you can confirm your attendance
2. Youtube channel where you will be able to watch the webinar and ask your questions
3. Official announcement of the webinar on ETF website
4. Example of information that will be presented during the webinar: Factsheet on Digital Skills in Montenegro
5. LinkedIN announcement
6. Digital Skills thematic section on ETF website:
7. List of hashtags: #DSJcoalition, #digitalskills, #skills, #futureofwork, #futeofeducation, #digitaltransformation, #skillsfuture.

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