EU-funded Programme Erasmus Budget is approved for 2021-2027

European Commission has adopted a proposal to establish the future Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027.
The legal texts have been published under:
The news item in Erasmus+ website under:
In adopting this proposal the Commission has delivered on the request from the European Council in December 2017 which called for ”stepping up mobility and exchanges, including through a substantially strengthened, inclusive and extended Erasmus+ programme”.

The new Erasmus will be a key building block in the creation of a European Education Area, a continent where spending time in another Member State – to study, to learn, or to work – has become the standard, as well as helping to achieve the goals of the new EU Youth Strategy.
With a doubling of the budget to €30 billion, many more people – 12 million – will be able to participate in the different types of exchanges and projects funded by the programme.
The aim is to make Erasmus 2021-2027 even better by making it:
• More inclusive
• More accessible
• Broader and more forward looking
• More international
Looking forward to the new opportunities for Ukraine!

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